Scoring in Tennis.

A unique system is used to keep score in tennis. Games, which consist of four points, are scored as follows: love, indicates no score, 15 indicates one point scored, 30 indicates two points, 40 indicates three points and game indicates four points. If a tie of 40-all occurs, the situation is called deuce and to win one player must score two points more than the opponent in that game.

Tennis matches are usually won by winning the best out of three or the best out of five sets. In most cases, a set is awarded to the player who wins six games before the opponent has won more than four. Formerly, if a set was tied at five games apiece, the method used to resolve it was similar to the deuce arrangement in the individual games. Thus, set scores of 7-5, 10-8 or 15-13 were not uncommon. An innovation called a tie breaker is now generally used to terminate quickly what might turn into an extended set. Whenever a set is tied at six games apiece, the tie breaker is invoked. There are two tie-breaking systems. In one the first player to score five out of nine individual points wins the set; in the other the first player to score seven individual points wins, provided the margin of victory is two points or more.

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