The forehand is a shot in many sports, primarily tennis. It can be hit with one hand or two hands, but few people prefer playing with a two-handed forehand. It is usually hit with the dominant hand, so for left-handers you hit with your left hand, and for right-handers you hit with your right hand. Although this is an exception for players such as Rafael Nadal who is actually right-handed but was taught tennis with his left. It is one of the main groundstrokes in tennis.

The shot begins from the side the player wants to hit, and then follows through across their chest as their body rotates. The forehand usually also applies topspin in order to increase the chances of going over the net and coming down low in order to allow it to stay in the court.

However, the forehand slice, is also a forehand shot that can be applied. A slice, whether backhand or forehand applies underspin, also known as backspin. However, the forehand slice is not as common as the regular forehand groundstorke. Instead, the forehand slice is usually meant for balls that are too far to reach with the regular groundstroke, and are therefore hit with underspin. This allows the ball to travel through the air slowly allowing the player to get back into position.

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