Country Code
Albania Albania ALB
Algeria Algeria ALG
Andorra Andorra AND
Angola Angola AGO
Argentina Argentina ARG
Armenia Armenia ARM
Australia Australia AUS
Austria Austria AUT
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan AZE
Bahamas Bahamas BHS
Belarus Belarus BLR
Byelorussian SSR Byelorussian SSR BSSR
Belgium Belgium BEL
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH
Brazil Brazil BRA
Bermuda Bermuda BMU
Bulgaria Bulgaria BGR
Cameroon Cameroon CMR
Canada Canada CAN
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands CYM
Chile Chile CHL
China China CHN
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei CTP
Colombia Colombia COL
Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire CIV
Costa Rica Costa Rica CRI
Croatia Croatia CRO
Cyprus Cyprus CYP
Czech Republic Czech Republic CZE
Czech Republic Czechoslovakia CZH
Denmark Denmark DEN
Ecuador Ecuador ECU
Egypt Egypt EGY
Estonia Estonia EST
Ethiopia Ethiopia ETH
Finland Finland FIN
France France FRA
Georgia Georgia GEO
Germany Germany GER
Germany West Germany WGE
East Germany East Germany EGE
Nazi Germany Nazi Germany GNZ
Greece Greece GRE
Ghana Ghana GHA
Haiti Haiti HTI
Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG
Hungary Hungary HUN
Honduras Honduras HND
Iceland Iceland ICE
India India IND
Indonesia Indonesia IDN
Iran Iran IRN
Israel Israel ISR
Italy Italy ITA
Japan Japan JPN
Jamaica Jamaica JAM
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan KAZ
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan KGZ
Latvia Latvia LAT
Latvian SSR Latvian SSR LSSR
Lebanon Lebanon LBN
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein LIE
Lithuania Lithuania LIT
Luxembourg Luxembourg LUX
Macedonia Macedonia MAC
Malaysia Malaysia MYS
Malta Malta MAL
Mexico Mexico MEX
Moldova Moldova MOL
Monaco Monaco MON
Mongolia Mongolia MNG
Montenegro Montenegro MNE
Morocco Morocco MOR
Netherlands Netherlands NED
Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles ANT
Nepal Nepal NPL
North Korea North Korea PRK
New Zealand New Zealand NZL
Nigeria Nigeria NGA
Norway Norway NOR
Paraguay Paraguay PAR
Pakistan Pakistan PAK
Peru Peru PER
Philippines Philippines PHL
Poland Poland POL
Portugal Portugal POR
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico PUR
Qatar Qatar QAT
Rhodesia Rhodesia RHO
Romania Romania ROU
Russia Russia RUS
Senegal Senegal SEN
Soviet Union Soviet Union SOV
Singapore Singapore SGP
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia YUG
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia SAU
San Marino San Marino SMA
Serbia Serbia SRB
Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro FRY
Slovakia Slovakia SVK
Slovenia Slovenia SLO
South Africa South Africa RSA
South Korea South Korea KOR
Spain Spain ESP
Sweden Sweden SWE
Switzerland Switzerland SUI
Tajikistan Tajikistan TJK
Thailand Thailand TAI
Turkey Turkey TUR
Tunisia Tunisia TUN
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago TTO
Togo Togo TGO
Ukraine Ukraine UKR
Uruguay Uruguay URU
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan UZB
Great Britain Great Britain UK
Ireland Ireland IRE
United States United States USA
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates ARE
Venezuela Venezuela VEN
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe ZIM

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