2010 Wimbledon Championships
Champions   Netherlands Robin Ammerlaan
Sweden Stefan Olsson
Runners-up   France Stéphane Houdet
Japan Shingo Kunieda
Final score   6:4, 7:64
Singles   men   women       boys   girls
Doubles   men   women   mixed   boys   girls
Other events
Legends    men    women    seniors
WC Doubles    men    women  


  1. France Stéphane Houdet / Japan Shingo Kunieda (Final)
  2. Netherlands Maikel Scheffers / Netherlands Ronald Vink (Semifinals)



  • Q = Qualifier
  • WC = Wild Card
  • LL = Lucky Loser

  • ALT = Alternate
  • SE = Special Exempt
  • PR = Protected Ranking

  • w/o = Walkover
  • r = Retired
  • d = Defaulted


  Final Final
  1  France Stéphane Houdet
 Japan Shingo Kunieda
6 6    
WC  France Frédéric Cattaneo
 France Nicolas Peifer
3 2    
  1  France Stéphane Houdet
 Japan Shingo Kunieda
4 64  
     Netherlands Robin Ammerlaan
 Sweden Stefan Olsson
6 7  
   Netherlands Robin Ammerlaan
 Sweden Stefan Olsson
7 6  
  2  Netherlands Maikel Scheffers
 Netherlands Ronald Vink
65 2  

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